Sunday, January 18, 2009

In the future, On the horizon. Down the pipeline. Coming up.

After curing the bacon, I promised myself I would post something non-pork based in the near future. The timeline for that future has been extended - see below for explanation. Someday there will be non-pork (and maybe even non-meat!) posts.

Today I took a Butchery for Adults class through a local butcher shop. It is unclear why 'Adult' has to be specified, as I don't think/doubt they have classes for other age demographics. Reardless, one of the coolest things I've ever done. Our class of 7 broke down a suckling pig and whole lamb.
Lamb shanking (thank you Bellos, for the pic)

Each classmate walked away with about 15 lbs of meat, and this meat will be the foundation of many near-future posts.
Meat grab-bag.
I wonder what's in the unlabeled one??

On the (tentative) menu:

-Suckling pig belly bacon. Savory, cured with black pepper, garlic and bay leaves. The instructor asked who wanted the belly, and I really couldn't resist the thought of trying my new found curing 'prowess' on a mini-belly. Mini bacon! This is the only item on the menu that is not tentative - I started the curing process about 20 minutes ago.
-Lamb sausage (merguez again?)
-Braised Lamb Shanks
-Roasted pork shoulder
-There should also be a Cobb salad with bacon from the original cure left
-we'll see what else

So until next time...
This is where pork comes from!
-I chopped off the head-

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katie said...

YUM. I need a full list of what you were got! I must give my input! Suckling pig bacon! Osso buco? I don't love lamb, but i will tolerate it.