Sunday, May 4, 2014

Ribs on Egg - take 1

In the past year we have smoked ribs 3 or 4 times. Each time before has been on a cheap Charbroil charcoal grill. Temp and airflow were almost impossible to control on it, and both times I had to replace charcoal in the middle of the cook, which exposed the meat to cold outside air for 5+ minutes. The ribs came out well each time, but it was a massive pain to monitor the grill for temperature.

We tried a similar recipe on the Egg, and found it much easier overall. I smoked for ~4 hours at 225*F. Then brushed with sauce quickly and cooked for 10 or so minutes more.

- 2 racks ribs (we used baby backs this time)
- Rub:
  • brown sugar
  • white sugar
  • smoked paprika
  • salt 
  • garlic powder
  • ground black pepper
  • ground ginger powder
  • onion powder
- Apple juice for spritzing

Night before:
- Wash and dry ribs, remove membrane from bone side
- Coat ribs in olive oil
- Coat ribs in rub
- Cover and put in fridge

Day of:
- Take ribs out an hour before cook
- Prep smoker with wood chunks (we used hickory this time), should be at 225*
- Put ribs on grill for ~4-5 hours
- Spritz with apple juice every hour or so 
- Wrap in foil and put in ice chest for ~1-2 hours
- Brush with sauce, put back on heated (direct) grill at ~400* for 5-10 minutes


Changes to consider:
- Cherry wood instead of hickory
- Texas crutching with some apple juice
- Not spraying with apple juice (so more bark forms)
- Water pan in the grill
- Brushing with honey, brown sugar or butter when put in the foil for resting
- Trying with full cut ribs instead of baby backs

Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Big "Comeback": First Big Green Egg Cook (Filipino BBQ)

Testing, testing.. this thing still on?

After a 5 year hiatus, PorkPile will be making a "comeback". In place of the previous long photo essays "we" will be posting quick recipes with pictures. Our goal is to post once a week, but you all know how these things go... 
Anyway, we needed a relatively quick Friday after work meal (i.e., not one that takes 6 hours to smoke like the ribs that are currently going), so decided to whip up some Filipino BBQ. The meat stayed tender a couple days after cooking and made some good brunch with fried eggs this morning.
Recipe used
1/4 cu Filipino Silver Swan Soy
1/8 cu brown sugar
1/8 cu white sugar
3/4 cu sprite
juice of one lime
~1T salt
~1t pepper
one head garlic (smashed)
2 lb pork butt
Chili, Vinegar and Some more Silver Swan for dipping

Day 1:
- Mix marinade ingredients
- Slice butt
- Marinade for ~22 hours in fridge
- Soak skewers (night before)
Day 2:
- Simmer, strain and cool remaining marinade
- Gril for ~10 minutes at ~350-400
- Baste with remaining marinade 2-3 times
Changes to consider for next time:
- No hickory in coal
- Marinade 2 days
- Slice butt thinner
- Find some calamansi to replace lime
- More fat on the meat (this is a Cil recommendation)