Monday, January 12, 2009

Bacon Chronicles: The Sandwich Trilogy

'Das Wassup.

"A sausage is an image of rest, peace and tranquility in stark
contrast to the destruction and chaos of everyday life.

Consider the peaceful repose of the sausage compared
with the aggressiveness and violence of bacon."
Tom Robbins
Another Roadside Attraction

So what do I do with 5 pounds of bacon. Some doubt it can be finished in a reasonable amount of time. But don't you worry. It can/will be done.

The opener. Bacon: A New Hope. The morning after the cure was done, I made a Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwich. Sure there are more epic creations possible, but the BEC has a special place in my heart - I basically lived off of them at school in Philly. I used cheddar, but if I was really legit I'd go with some American pre-sliced single wrapped. The redness is Sri Racha and a dab of ketchup.

The second in the series. The Bacon Strikes Back. In celebration of my 8th follower (a 33% increase in the last week - creeping closer and closer to that second digit!) I also made some BLTs and ate them with two loyal Pork Pilers... the winners of a secret poll I held... with myself. SEE what you can get by being a follower?!

Shoutout to Emily and Alex (the loyal Porkers).

The finale: Return of the Bacon. A bacon 'wrapped' hot dog. Mission style. My bacon was too thick to wrap so I just threw it on with the dog. If I was going to write a theme song for this bacon escapade, it would be titled "My Bacon Can't be Wrapped"... think about it. Green chiles, sauted onions, Sri Racha (yes. again.) and a smidgen of ketchup.

I'm speechless...


Arcenia said...

why don't you make another bacon weave?

katie said...

I like the carbonara. Can you bring me some?

Ted said...

My bacon don't weave.