Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some thoughts

With my exponentially growing follower-base, I've decided to meet high demand with a second post this week!

  • A Haiku:
Repeats in my mind
bacon bacon bacon ba-
Spring in December

For some god-knows-why reason I woke up 45 minutes before my alarm this morning and couldn't go back to sleep. In my half-daze mind-wander I wrote that haiku. . . . Not completely random, I promise - stay tuned to next week's post for clarification.
  • I just ate the Spicy Italian Sausage for lunch. I had it in a little bath of the bell pepper marinara I made. It was good, definitely the best Italian I have made. For some reason I think in previous attempts I used the large dye grinder for the meat. The texture was much better with the little dye.
  • I need to not stuff the sausage links so much. The casing shrinks a little when it cooks so it hikes up the meat a little. I think if I make them more flaccid (yes, I'm using that word.) it will stay in the casing better.
  • I have to admit I voted twice in the meat-type poll, so reported results are slightly skewed. My mind chose pork. My heart chose duck. I voted once for each. My brain is responsible or this blog (Hence: pork).
  • Check out Kwan's blog. She posts much more frequently than me, and with a lot more interesting content. Plus if you look carefully she's linked Pork Pile, so you can come right back here!
  • I will add some comments to the sausage-making photos soonish


Garrett said...

Forget pork, we want more poetry.

AngryOldFart said...

I understand the need for a weather-related item in Haiku - but is it leagal for it to be totally unrelated to the main topic of the poem?

Ted said...


The thought of bacon makes spring in December in my mind. Think about it.