Sunday, December 14, 2008

The "Great"Tabastard Experiment

I was at my local grocery store buying supplies for dinner tonight (post to follow). The lady behind me in the "15 items or less" line had two items: Tabasco and mustard. Immediately my mind starts racing. $$Cha-ching$$. New condiment: Tabasco + mustard... Tabastard. Honey Tabastard. Yellow Tabastard. Spicy Brown Tabastard. Smother your corn dog in it. Broil your chicken in it. Put it on your burgers, fries, chicken strips. Basically the entire condiment world would be flipped on its head. So I left line and got some Tabasco and a nice, classic Dijon mustard.

Ingredients: Honey Dijon Tabastard
-Mustard (any kind)
-Honey (optional)

The makings of Tabastard: This is all you need.

Process: Mix all ingredients.

Beautiful color, texture....

So now it came down to tasting this wonderful creation. I didn't have any corn dogs on hand I didn't have the patience to wait for dinner (post to follow...!), so I just dipped a finger and tested it out.




Blech. Tasted like shit. Somehow the combination of honey and mustard made everything that makes Tabasco good turn on itself. For now the condiment universe can rest easy. I'll be back, though. Back to the drawing board.

The best/only place for Tabastard

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