Wednesday, November 26, 2008

/ Manifesto \

This space is both dedicated to and inspired by pork, in all its beautiful forms. There is a whole world of pork possibilities, which I intend to investigate to the best of my abilities and document as a running diary here.

Let's talk about dreams. While everyone knows bacon makes everything better, I am a firm believer that this can be expanded from just bacon to pork in general. Pork meringue pie. Think about it. But seriously, it has to be the most versatile non-egg animal based protein. From bacon to jamon iberico to loin to chops to lardo to (most types of) sausage and BACK to bacon, there is just no stopping this animal!

As of now I am a novice at best - I have made sausage a dozen or so times, cured pork belly kakuni-style, slow-fried carnitas, and played around with recipes from cookbooks/online sources. Maybe every once in a while I'll try to bake something (don't hold your breath), but I usually stick to non-baking efforts. Rigorous measuring and timing is just a bit too much for me.

Although I have most recipes documented in some form or another, I will be starting fresh here and not uploading any previous recipes/processes/experiences. Fresh start!

Some things this 'Blog' (hate that word) will/will not provide*:

-A forum for the discussion of pork, the preparation of pork dishes (and probably some dishes without pork, too), and the great art of charcuterie
-A running recipe diary
-A place for me to voice my unfounded frustrations, radical opinions and ridiculous innovations (both pork and non-pork-related)
-I will try to post a new recipe or experience weekly, but let's be serious here... that kind of pace may not be sustainable long-run
-A priceless opporktunity for subliminal pig/pork-related puns (see what I did there?!?)

*these terms are subject to change at any time

For now I will end the manifesto here. I'll be back soon with a first attempt

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